Wholistic Family Health Magazine Issue #2



Feature: Exclusive interview with Dr. Kelly Morgan

Birthing Bliss, Birthing Trauma and the Role of Perinatal Patient


Natural Remedies to Overcome Nursing Difficulties and Maximize the Benefits of Breastfeeding by Allyson McQuinn

I recall the feeling of having my own daughter placed on my belly after she was born and watching her wiggle and worm her way up my body to my breast.


One Morning Super-Nutrition Smoothie Allyson McQuinn and Jeff Korentayer

This is our breakfast and lunch on at least 6 days of the week. Why? Because it is packed full of nutritional energy and “gives” to us a lot more than it “takes”.


Life By Design Part Two by Michael Gibson

Regimen is one of the three primary areas of healthcare and therapeutics. In this article, Dr. Gibson gives some great guidance for anyone seeking to improve their regimen and become healthier.


Art Therapy With Children by Anniek Verholt

Doing art is a great pleasure for most children, it allows them to express themselves and connect with their creativity and vivid imagination. This strong connection with their imaginative world gives children the natural ability to communicate their feelings and experience through their artworks.


Heilkunst and the Art of Medicine by Jeff Korentayer

The fundamental downfall of modern medicine, is that it believes that art and science must be kept apart as two separate fields. We see this even in the high school curriculum, where students are forced to choose between the two specializations at increasingly younger ages.


You are Here. Where is Here? by Dana Lloyd

“You can’t change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction” ~ Jim Rohn

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