Wholistic Family Health Magazine Issue #3



What is Oil Pulling?


Coconut Oil; Greasing Your Hinges by Allyson McQuinn

Nature is phenomenal! If applied on the basis of sound laws, she can be either curative or heal-ative.


Homemade Coconut Butter Ready in 90 Seconds or Less by Alison Russo

Delicious, creamy and oh so good for you, coconut butter is a “nut butter” I can’t live without.


What’s The Problem with Glycerine in Toothpaste? by Jeff Korentayer

Did you know that even ‘natural’ toothpastes are often still not good for your dental health because of this common ingredient?


Skincare Recipes and Essential Oil Dangers!! by Dr. Aurore Henze

Essential oils are powerful and versatile healing modalities. However, they are not without side effects and danger.


My Broccoli Hates Me by Lee Shane

This poem emerged as part of the author’s healing process around his relationship to food. Can you relate?


Bypassing The Cholesterol Myth by Allyson McQuinn

Lowering cholesterol can actually be harmful to your health!


The Direction of Cure: Your Body Functions as a Kindgom, not a Democracy by Jeff Korentayer

There are many ways to suppress a given symptom, but is this necessarily a good thing for your overall health?

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