Wholistic Family Health Magazine Issue #4



You Did What by Hollie & Patrick Quinn

Find out what happened when she said NO to conventional cancer treatment when 38 weeks pregnant in this interview with Hollie and Patrick Quinn


The Signs of Cancer in Children by Allyson McQuinn

The true early detection of cancer starts with understanding the subtle signs and symptoms, even in the mental and emotional realm.


An Introduction to the Cancer Miasm by Jeff Korentayer

Defining cancer and its detection purely in physical terms misses the mark on true early detection. The state of mind is explored here.


Getting Started with the Paleo Diet by Alison Russo

8 Tips to get you started.


Nourishing the New Momma by Allyson McQuinn

What are the nutritional needs for the new momma during labour and delivery


An Introduction to Solé Brine by Allyson McQuinn

Start your day with this powerful “mineral broth” and it’s numerous health benefits.


The Urge Is Not Me by Alen Standish

How to stop binge eating in its tracks with this very practical “in the moment approach”.


Cover Photo by egor kataev ”Gac fruit on black”

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