Wholistic Family Health Magazine Issue #6



Fertility and Heilkunst by Allyson McQuinn

The Natural approach to fertility that avoids incredibly expensive and evasive artificial methods.


Reanna’s Story: “I knew this was the last place I would have to turn to, to have a baby”

A “Heilkunst Mama” shares her treatment story that took her from “Unexplained Infertility” to her first baby!


“I FEEL STUCK!” by Allyson McQuinn

“Are you breathing, or are you being breathed? Seriously — Think about it!”


Homeopathic Constitutional Types: Lachesis by Jeff Korentayer

Do you know someone whose energy is so intense that your pulse raises when you’re around them? Perhaps they need homeopathic Lachesis….


My Son’s a Big Video Gamer…What Do I Do? by Allyson McQuinn

Do you feel that you’re “losing” your child to video game? This article will be of interest to you.


Can You Time Travel with Homeopathic Remedies? by Jeff Korentayer

What if the movie “Back to the Future” were real, and you can go back and change your past?


3 Mason Jar Salad Meals by Megan Roosevelt

Mason Jars aren’t just for storing leftovers anymore….

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