Wholistic Family Health Magazine Issue #7



Look Ma, No Glasses! How To Correct Your Vision Dynamically by Allyson McQuinn

Can you eliminate your glasses, naturally? Find out how hundreds of thousands of people already have.


Overcoming Stage Fright With Homeopathy by Jeff Korentayer

Have you ever been paralyzed by stage fright? Learn how to overcome it by homeopathy.


Pumpkin Pecan Cheesecake Bars by Megan Roosevelt

YUM! Pumpkin Pecan Cheesecake recipe by Healthy Grocery Girl


6 Reasons I’ll Never Wear A Bra Again by Bustle Magazine

6 Reasons I’ll Never Wear A Bra Again. Which ones do you agree with?


Maverick’s Eczema Before and After Heilkunst Treatment; A Testimonial

Eczema success story with Heilkunst Medicine.


Physician Heal thyself; My Giant Hogweed Expedition by Allyson McQuinn

What did this natural health practitioner do when she woke up to find her own health in serious decline?


The Art of Falling Apart – Book Review by Sara Dubeau

“This is your most intimate, and illuminating, piece of work so far – it was a baptism by fire for sure!”

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