Wholistic Family Health Magazine Issue #8



Interval Fasting – Shocking Your Monkey To Life by Allyson McQuinn

The health benefits of Intermittent Fasting. Stop digging your own grave with your teeth!


10 Reasons To Eat More Fermented Foods by Allyson McQuinn

How to ferment foods at home – The easiest way to load up on healthy gut micro-organisms!


Curing The Root Cause – An Introduction To Medorrhinum by Jeff Korentayer

What does heart disease, warts, chronic bladder infections, and Spring asthma have in common? Much more than you might think!


Heilkunst: Medorrhinum Pushing Through by Suzanne McRae

A remedy that I was given has landed deep in me the past five weeks and has brought up some painful stuff.


When Your Child Won’t Participate by Alison Smith

What to do When Your Child Won’t Participate – A gentle parenting approach by Alison Smith


Whipped Cauliflower Recipe by Megan Roosevelt

Try this tasty, healthy replacement to mashed potato


How To Grow Wheatgrass by Hippocrates Health Institute

The video demonstrates exactly how to grow wheatgrass at home


Photo: The Russell Family from left to right:

Jennifer, Keiran and Peter

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