Wholistic Family Health Magazine Issue #9




Who is the Last Person You Take Care of, Momma? by Alison Smith

Time for a reality check – what are you actually doing for your own self-care?


How to Avoid Having to Get a Root Canal & Why by Allyson McQuinn

Dental issues can be complicated to treat. Like most issues in the body, they’re dynamic in origin.


Multiple Benefits of Giving your Kids Chores by Dr. Gina Madrigrano

What are the multiple benefits of giving your children chores?


Sour Pickles Recipe by Jennifer McGruther

Looking for a dairy-free source of healthy gut bacteria and enzymes? Try this sour pickle recipe!


Self-Inspired Education for Health and Happiness! by Allyson McQuinn

Self Education For Health And Happiness


Chia Pudding 4 Ways by Megan Roosevelt

Chia Pudding 4 Ways: Original, Vanilla, Chocolate, Berry


A Photojournal of Healing – From My Encounter With the Deadly Giant Hogweed to Six Months in the Healing Waters of the Carribean Sea by Allyson McQuinn

These beautiful photographs highlight the “happy ending” to a very difficult healing journey that this healer went on.


Photo: LilySteph Moine’s daughter


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