Wholistic Family Health Magazine Issue #14



What is The Microbiome and Why You Should Care by Allyson McQuinn

Even if you haven’t heard of “the microbiome”, it’s still one of the most important factors in your health. Find out why!


The Feelings Thermometer: How to Help Your Child Communicate Their Feelings by Jamie Perillo

Do you know how to connect with your child and their feelings? Try the “feeling thermometer”…


Several Things I Wish I Had Known When I Had Small Children by Tammie Quick

Do you have small children? Take Tammie Quick’s hindsight as your own foresight!


Allergies and Emotions by Louise Grenier

What’s the deeper root cause of some allergies, and how do we correct it?


Zucchini Sweet Potato Tots by Megan Roosevelt

Yum! Zucchini Sweet Potato Tots! So easy and so delicious!


It Really is Okay to Leave School by Tyler Nakatsu

Is your child considering leaving school, and are you OK with that?


All Calories are Not Created Equal by Jeff Korentayer

There’s more to weight loss than the simplistic “eat less, move more”!


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