Wholistic Family Health Magazine Issue #15




Homeopathic Constitutional Types: Opium (Papaver) by Allyson McQuinn

How does Opium fit into deeper Heilkunst treatment of the emotional state?


3 Healthy Breakfast Recipes by Megan Roosevelt

If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, then these recipes are the most important thing you’ll read today…


Mikhail’s Miracle by Tammie Quick

A Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis case study with Medical Heilkunst.


Wellness and Business by Rebecca Page

What would you learn about yourself from forced bed rest?


9 Children’s Books That Combine Storytelling with Math

Are you looking for a more engaging way to teach your children math?


Similarities Between Allergies and Phobia by Louise Grenier

Did you know that allergies and phobias have a lot in common? Louise Grenier explains…


The Three Functions of Thinking, Feeling, and Willing by Jeff Korentayer

What do “thinking, feeling, and willing” have to do with your health? Jeff Korentayer explains…


 Photo: Natalie & Jacob


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