Wholistic Family Health Magazine Issue #16

Table of Contents


How to Use Feeling to Provoke Healing by Allyson McQuinn

Is there a way to use feeling to provoke your healing? Allyson McQuinn shows us how.


Is your “Healthy” Diet Making You Sick? by Tammie Quick

Are you still being tricked by any of the healthy diet myths?


DIY Fruit & Veggie Chips by Megan Roosevelt

What do “fun” and “healthy” have in common? This recipe, for starters!

8 Tips for Helping Students Identify and Solve Big Problems

What does it take to get students to actually learn? Getting the environment and conditions right…


Allergen from Dangerous To Safe by Louise Grenier

Are allergies just physical responses of our immune system? Louise Grenier gives us a great case study showing the emotional cause.


Formula – Homemade Baby Formula by Sally Fallon Morell

How to make the best formula at home.


When Weight Loss Isn’t Dependent on Lifestyle by Jeff Korentayer

What if weight loss is not always dependent on lifestyle? What’s missing from some plans?


The kids from left to right in the scooter/bike picture are: Isabel, Noah, Dominic and Jacob

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