Wholistic Family Health Magazine Issue #17

Table of Contents



All Stocked Up; How To Stock A Healthy Fridge and Pantry For Your Growing Babes by Allyson McQuinn

You’ll never have to wonder “how did *this* food get into the house?” when you shop consciously.


Sweet Potato Noodles With Spicy Peanut Butter Sauce by Megan Roosevelt

Did someone say gluten-free AND yummy about this sweet potato noodle recipe?


4 Fall Tips for Mom Entrepreneurs by Rebecca Page

Tips for how mom entrepreneurs can stay sane during the busy fall.


10 Roles of Effective Project-Based Learning Leaders by Tom Vander Ark

How do you set up your children’s project-based learning to be successful? Read on.


Allergies: The Two Principles I Base My Practice On by Louise Grenier

What are the two most fundamental principles to curing allergies?


The Importance of Saturated Fats for Biological Functions by Mary Enig, PHD

Still not sure about saturated fats being healthy? Have a look at this scientific backing.


Carry Your Own Internal Map of Health (Don’t Leave Home Without It) by Jeff Korentayer

Health isn’t defined by a lack of symptoms. Do you have the full map of health?


Picture is of Avalon; photo by her mom, Lisa


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