Wholistic Family Health Magazine Issue #18

Table of Contents


Cough, Croup and Colds by Allyson McQuinn

Which are the best homeopathic remedies to keep on hand for cough and cold season?


3 Chia Pudding Breakfast Bowls! by Megan Roosevelt

Get your fill of chia pudding! These three recipes have something to please every taste.


Some Thoughts on Being an Artist/Unfolding my Objective Desire Function by Laura Edwards

What does it look like to connect to your objective desire function, in the midst of raising kids and day-to-day responsibilities?


The Hidden Dangers of Soy by Helen Sanders

Is soy really a healthfood? Please put down your soy milk until you’ve read this.


Quick Tip: APOLOGIES by Alison Smith

How to solicit a GENUINE apology from your children.


A Different Kind of Love Story by Jeff Korentayer

How do you get to the root of anger? This homeopathic case study shows us a unique approach.


In the photo: Helen and Jaden